Eggplant parmesan pie

Savory pie with artichokes, potatoes and scamorza

Savory cannon with zola cream and chopped walnuts

Pinzimonio with vegetable crudités in chickpea hummus

Single portions of tzatziki cream with cucumbers and radishes

Belgian salad with green beans, cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, oil and balsamic vinegar glaze

Sweet and sour onions

Valtellina-style buckwheat fritters

Onion, green apple, and sage in fried batter

Local salami and Chiavenna bresaola

First dishes

Risotto With Blueberries

Leek and pecorino crepe


Tastings of pecorino and dairy cheese with strawberries, wild berry jam and chestnut honey


Wedding cake

The second life of a centrepiece…

Almost everything you see on this table had a second life…

…the centerpiece's base is the bark that one day detached from a tree in our garden…

…the stick had been locked in a closet at home since the time we tried (unsuccessfully) to take up gardening…

...the jar is from a baby food that was devoured by some of Romina's kindergarten children…

...the rice it contains has been colored by the same children…

...and the same children, with their little hands and feet, painted the paper that Francesca then turned into these flowers…

...and finally, the Menu card was once a calendar…